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  • An SAP-based ERP solution for public finance management in GoAP
  • Enterprise-wide system that offers:
    • Increased efficiency in financial transactions.
    • Improved effectiveness in financial controls.
    • Better transparency in operations.
    • Higher accountability at all levels.
    • Enhanced convenience to stakeholders.
    • Greater sustainability in the long run.
  • CFMS is divided into 5 modules:
    • Budget Management.
    • Revenue Management.
    • Expenditure Management.
    • Works Management.
    • Human Capital Management (HCM).

Technologies Adopted

  • Technologies


  • Highly skilled professionals with SAP Functional & Technical Background.
  • Senior Officers on deputation from GoAP to provide inputs and insights in the public financial management domain.
  • Attentive and responsive technical support professionals to assist the CFMS users.


What We Offer

  • Design, development, deployment and maintenance of appropriate eGovernance solutions.
  • Solutions that enhance the citizen service delivery as well as the organizational efficiency.
  • Solutions that bring in improved transparency and accountability in the governance system.

Technologies Adopted

  • Languages
    Java, J2EE, Dot Net, C#, JQuery, ReactJS, HTML5.
  • Frameworks
    Springs, Hibernate,.Net Framework.
  • Databases
    Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL,SQL Server 2014.
  • Operating Systems
    CENT 6.10 (Linux), Windows Server 2012.
  • Methodologies

Team @ e-Gov.

  • Skilled professionals with expertise in wide range of technologies.
  • Highly experienced in providing technology solutions to Government / public sector organizations.
  • Practical understanding of the Government functioning and ground level insights.
  • Attentive and responsive technical support professionals to assist the clients during Go-Live and Maintenance phases.

e-Gov Projects

Clients Served

  • Social Welfare Dept., GoAP.
  • Finance Dept., GoAP.
  • School Education Dept., GoAP.
  • A.P. State Christian Finance Corporation., GoAP.
  • Agriculture Dept., GoAP.
  • A.P. Drinking Water Supply Corporation., GoAP.
  • A.P. Power Finance Corporation., GoAP.
  • A.P. Social Welfare Residential Educational Institutions Society., GoAP.
  • A.P. State Road Transport Corporation., GoAP.
  • B.C. Welfare Corporation, GoAP.
  • A.P. State Housing Corporation Limited., GoAP.
  • Grama Sachivalayam and Ward Sachivalayams Dept., GoAP.
  • A.P. General Administration Dept., GoAP.
  • A.P. Kapu Welfare & Development Corporation., GoAP.
  • Panchayat Raj Dept., GoAP., GoAP.
  • A.P. Treasury & Accounts Dept., GoAP.
  • Nagarjuna University, AP., GoAP.
  • Fisheries Dept., GoAP.
  • Handlooms & Textiles Dept., GoAP.
  • Diretorate of Town and country Planning , GoAP.

What We Offer

  • Design, development and deployment of good governance initiatives.
  • Initiatives that improve the citizen service delivery and the internal organizational functioning, through better transparency and accountability.
  • Frameworks and Mechanisms that enhance the state of governance through application of good governance principles.

Team@Gov. Consulting

  • Professionals well qualified in management, public policy, development studies, governance, etc.
  • Highly experienced in designing and implementing governance consulting interventions in the Government / public sector organizations.
  • Practical understanding of the government work processes, work styles, dynamics and ground level insights.
  • Equipped with the right concepts, tools, techniques and methodologies required for governance consulting domain.

Focus Areas

1 Public Policy Research & Analysis
  • Policy Studies.
  • New Policy Formulation.
2 Government Process Reengineering
  • Design of new processes.
  • Streamlining of existing processes.
  • Preparation of Process Manuals with Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).
3 Structural / Functional Reorganization
  • Streamlining existing Organization Structures / Functions
  • Creation of New Organization Structures / Functions.
  • Preparation of Organizational Manuals, Functions & Functionaries Manuals, Job Descriptions, etc.
4 Human Resources Management
  • Assessment of Staffing Requirement / Staffing Norms.
  • Preparation or Revision of Service Rules / Service Regulations / HR Policies / HR Manuals.
5 Organizational Performance Management
  • Design of Key Result Areas (KRAs) and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).
  • Design and development of Performance Management System and related manuals.
6 Training & Development
  • Preparation of Training Strategy / Plan.
  • Training Needs Assessment.
  • Training Effectiveness Evaluation.
  • Design & Development of a Training Management System.
7 Quality Management Initiatives
  • Implementation of Sevottam.
  • Implementation of ISO 9001 QMS.
  • Implementation of Work Efficiency Improvement Systems such as 5-S and Kaizen.
8 Organizational Strategic Planning
  • Visioning.
  • Strategic Planning Exercise.
9 Change Management
  • Design & Development of Change Management Plans.
  • Handholding Support for Implementation.